The Federation of Norwegian Industries

Our federation is part of the overall Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise (NHO).

As such, it is the largest association within the NHO with 25 percent of the total employees (full time equivalents) in NHO member companies.

The federation represents around 3000 member companies with approx. 127,500 employees. Member companies' interests are our main focus. The Federation of Norwegian Industries engages in the most important industrial and business policy issues of the day.

Download: By-laws for the Federation of Norwegian Industries

Our history

The Federation's history goes back to 1889 and the establishment of the Mechanical Industry Association.

On November 28th 2005 the new organization Federation of Norwegian Industries was established. It is the result of a merger between the two large industrial federations of the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise (NHO): the Federation of Norwegian Manufacturing Industries (TBL) and the Federation of Norwegian Process Industries (PIL).

Our aim and our member companies

The Federation of Norwegian Industries works for framing conditions for businesses in sectors and industries such as:

Oil and gas contractors, onshore petroleum activities, aluminum, aquaculture and aquaculture suppliers, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, cement, chemical industries, electro and energy equipment, furniture, glass and ceramics, machine and hardware industry, maritime industry, graphic arts and communication, metals, mining, paints and coatings, plastics, recycling and textiles.

Total annual turnover for the sectors that the Federation of Norwegian Industries represents exceeds approx. NOK 600 billion. Total annual exports have a value of approx. NOK 300 billion.

Norway needs industry

Our most important task is to ensure that society understands how important a viable industry is for our future welfare.

Thus, the Federation’s most important task is to ensure that the authorities adopt a long-term fiscal policy and framing conditions for a competitive Norwegian industry. Important issues are stable, safe and high activity, increased activity towards international projects, conditions to secure and achieve sustainable business, technology, competence and R&D as well as positive profiling the industry.

Our departments
Sectors and Industrial Policy Department

Responsible for the secretariats of many industries and handles industrial policy matters.

Organization and Legal Department

Gives member companies advice on issues relating to payroll and personnel policy and also legal questions. The department also administers physical and web-based industrial courses and education.

Energy and HES Department

The Federation of Norwegian Industries works to ensure that companies shall maintain high standards in health and safety and in environmental matters, and create an inclusive workplace, in line with the IW agreement that parties in industry have entered into with the authorities.

Membership benefits

There are a number of benefits being a member of the Federation of Norwegian Industries and NHO. Legal assistance, courses and conferences and government relations are all important topics to our members. These services and tools, along with several economic membership benefits can provide great savings for your company.

The Federation of Norwegian Industries strives to have updated information and knowledge in key areas. We aim to be a partner and an advisor in areas that concern business leaders of today.

As part of your membership you are entitled to legal advice (labor law) from lawyers both at the Federation of Norwegian Industries and NHO, or through favorable agreements with other law firms.

Other favorable agreements negotiated for your company's benefit include freight and shipping, electricity, propane and LNG, hotel deals, fuel and heating oil, insurance, pentions, credit checks and debt collection, telephony. By utilizing these you can cover most, if not all, of your membership fee.

In addition we offer a wide range of courses and conferences, reports, etc. 

Let us know your needs. We are constantly working on expanding the range of membership benefits.

How much does it cost to be a member?

The membership fee consists of two elements:

  • The membership fee for being a member of the Federation of Norwegian Industries is 0,75 o/oo calculated on salaries paid for the previous year.
  • The NHO membership fee is between 0,80 and 0,90 o/oo calculated on the same basis. In addition companies with a collective agreement, pays 0,35 o/oo calculated on salaries paid for the previous year to the NHO Conflict Fund – a fund established to reduce the financial impact in case of strike or conflicts.

Companies applying for membership the last six months of the year do not pay membership fee this year. Companies applying for membership the first half year, pay 0,5 per cent of the yearly fee the first year.