Model Contract for Technical Consultancy Services on a Time and Cost Basis

Published: January 2019

This model contract is intended for the involvement of an external expert performing consulting activities for which he is paid on a time and cost basis.

The consultant commits himself to provide his time to the agreed extent as well as his knowledge and experience to the Customer. In contrast to a development or research contract, in which at the conclusion of a contract the parties envisage one or more concrete results, this contract doesn’t necessarily imply that the consultant undertakes to deliver a specific result. As an example, hiring a specialised consultant for the implementation of a certain product process or for guidance in adapting a machinery to the health and safety requirements of a new export country can be the basis for such technical consultancies. However, if the parties intend to agree on deliverable results, they are recommended to consider the use of a development contract instead.

This model contract for Technical Consultancy Services is designed for consultation in the technical field and cannot necessarily be used for commercial or corporate advice etc.

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