Norsk Industri


HSE basic training

  • 20. mai 2021, til 21. mai 2021
  • Webinar
  • Member: 7.100,- Not member: 8.900,-
  • Påmeldingsfrist Registration deadline:   19. april
2,5 days E-learning 2 days Web
Target group:

Safety representatives, members of working environment committee, leaders, trade union representatives and other personel working with the working environment in the company.

Prerequisites: None.

Make it easier for the participants to succeed with their HSE work by giving the participants an understanding of their role and function in the HSE work, and the opportunity to perform  active teamwork with the other HSE personel related to the objectives of the HSE legislation.


The course is acooperation between RelyOn Nutec, responsible for the webinar, andNHO v/ Norsk Industri, responsible for the web-based part of the course.

The course consists of two main  modules, and is carried out in the following order: Self-tuition (web- based e-learning with exam), , and a 2 day workshop where the participants  discuss and reflect on how HSE can contribute to continuous improvement of their own organization

Our HSE basic course is based on the requirements from the supplementary agreement III in the Basic Agreement between NHO-LO. We have chosen a flexible course where we focus on the participants experience, the intention in the legislation, compliance and advantage for the individual and their company.

We focus on the intention of both the Internal Control Regulations and the Working Environment Act, and wish to emphasize that the cooperative model is the best method to find the most resilient solutions.


A course diploma will be made when all modules are completed.