Tips on how to get an industrial job

If you're getting an industrial job it is important that you have practical skills and with an interest for technology. The Industry is looking for all types of people with all types of education, but with emphasis on skilled workers and engineers. Some companies require certain level of knowledge in Norwegian, other Scandinavian languages or English.

Here are some tips on how you can apply for a job

  • Be yourself and be curious
  • Make sure that your resume is updated and tidy organized.
  • Register your resume in databases, and mark yourself as an applicant
  • Research how your employer wants to receive applications.
  • Show that you have good attitude and values
  • Don't act like a world champion (it has no use if you can't be a team-player)
  • Be flexible and show that the job means a lot to you
  • If you get called in for an interview: get some background information on the company and the job, and show that you are interested
  • Show interest, but don't show up at the company unannounced without an appointment