UKCA erstatter CE-merking i Storbritannia


For eksport til Storbritannia skal CE-merking erstattes med symbolet UKCA - UK Conformity Assessed. Siste frist for å erstatte CE med UKCA er 1. januar 2023.

Vi har fått følgende informasjon fra Ginetex:

The UKCA mark is a new product marking used in Great Britain (i.e. it does not apply to Northern Ireland). It covers most goods previously covered by the CE mark including toys and PPE. 

The UKCA mark (note that it should not be considered as a symbol) can be placed on the textile care labels with the GINETEX symbols, same as the CE mark.

UKCA can only be given by UK notified body. For our sector SG, BV and Shirley are all notified bodiesDeclaration has to be available at web pages (same as for CE marked products)

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