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Intergrafs 2021 Young Talent Award

Aktuelt, Grafisk bransjeforening


Fra 2017 har Intergraf feiret innsatsen til unge medarbeidere i grafisk industri med en egen pris for de beste ideene og samtidig åpnet opp for neste generasjon til å dele sitt syn på bransjen. Nå kan du sende inn forslag på kandidater til The 2021 Young Talent Award.

Forslagene blir vurdert av en jury bestående av eksperter i og utenfor bransjen. Prisen er på 3 000 euro.

Fristen for innsending er 31. mai. og forslaget sendes til Beatrice Klose, Secretary General of Intergraf, på e-post eller post: Intergraf. Avenue Louise 130A, 1050 Brussels, Belgium.


Her er informasjonen om prisen fra Intergraf:

In order to recruit and retain the best talent for the future of the European printing industry, it is important to ask for – and listen to – young people’s views. Our Young Talent Award provides a platform to do just that. The winning entry will be shared with representatives from printing associations, printing companies and suppliers of the industry.

Candidates for Intergraf’s 2021 Young Talent Award are requested to submit their ideas on the following two questions:

How will print develop in the future?

  • What kind of working environment are you looking for?
  • How could a printing company provide this?


Entrants must be a young student, apprentice or worker in print (maximum age 25) from one of Intergraf’s member countries.

All entries should be written in English and be 2-5 pages in length. The applicant can supply any other visual support she/he deems necessary to present her/his idea.

Applicants to also include a short CV (maximum 2 pages).

Availability to present your entry at one of Intergraf’s events in 2021 is desirable, but not essential to win the Award.